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Micro Static Interference

Are you on course? Are you anxious to move forward?

Have you been making unconscious moves lately that seem to push you in directions that are a little off your intended course?

You can categorize this as micro static, because if you look at the big picture, these minor interruptions or detours have really not swayed you too much. Once on course, it is very difficult for any outside interference to move you away from your intention.

This is the beauty of our journey, regardless of intrusions and challenges for once we are determined to move forward, small detours will have little impact on the overall journey. Our reserve to expand is so integrated in our overall movement that little stands in our way and nothing holds us back for long.

In a post last week, we touched on fear and its ramifications on our developing story. Lets revisit this concept on fear for a moment. Fear is a by-product of the ego. It is a non-essential ingredient and can be cast aside with simple faith in ourselves and faith in our journey. If it does not feel right then we simply do not identify with it. The choice is ours and ours alone.

In most cases, these micro interferences that we experience from time to time are ego generated. The ego feels threatened and wants to retain its control, but our persistent efforts force the ego to relinquish control. This allows ego to find its proper place - being at our side to assist us along the road.

Your place, your confirmed alignment with source, holds far greater power than any influence from interference could create on any level. There is literally no interference or obstructive force that can penetrate the will of source. Literally, nothing stands in the way.

Step forth and be a conduit of compassion and love. Emerge from the dark waters of our past.

Share the compassionate nature that radiates from within. You are love. Allow yourself to be.

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