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For those individuals with their Sun sign in Pisces, this upcoming year can play a significant role with opening doors through deep and reflective self-analysis.

Transiting Pluto will be making a sextile to your Sun if your Sun is between 13-29 degrees of Pisces. The natal positioning between Pluto and Neptune has been in play (by sextile) for many generations. This aspect in the Natal chart (review you natal chart to see the other aspects that may be affecting these two planets as all of this will now become active). Pay particular attention to the natal positioning by sign and house as well as the transiting position of Pluto.

This sextile is linked to spiritual insight and the awakening to higher sources. Enlightenment can make its way through on these channels if the Piscean individual is open to these energies. Through self-analysis, careful study and delving deep into their own personal psychology, these doors can swing open. Some important material may surface during this time and the Piscean individual’s perspective and approach to these matters will be important.

Pluto has a tendency to bring things to the surface and often forces us to examine ourselves deeply. Some will find that it brings to the surface dark matters that may have been dormant for some time in their subconscious. Through this surfaced information, they can delve deep to uncover what they might do to extinguish or at the very least recognize these internal fires. Issues, if they surface, can now be dealt with according to the openness and honesty that these individuals decide to apply to these matters.

By reviewing these matters, these Pisceans can channel cleansing and healing to these early wounds and make great headway in the recovery process. Enlightenment has the potential to share its vibration and encapsulate our life. Facing our demons is always the best approach even if we go through traumatic experience while working through these issues.

Much will depend on belief structures and the determination of these individuals. If they require professional help to work through these matters then they should move ahead and put things in motion. We all experience trauma in one form or another in our lives and this trauma needs to be dealt with accordingly. Pisceans goals are to awaken to their true selves (as it is for all of us) by letting go or dealing with these pertinent matters. The opportunity for growth and new-found freedom is great at this time.

For those that have already uncovered much of these buried or hidden issues and are moving through the cleansing process, this can be a time of moving to a new level of understanding and awakening to their true spiritual journey.

For those that feel or have felt stuck and do not know where to turn, this can be a year of great revelation and finding the truth. In turn, they will be in a position to release the shackles of their past.

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