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Those with their Sun between 10 and 28 degrees Capricorn will be experiencing the conjunction between Transiting Pluto and their Sun. Those individuals with their Sun in the early degrees (10 to 16) will have been experiencing this conjunction for some time and anyone with their Sun in the later degrees (23 to 28) of Capricorn are just beginning to feel the effects. It can take as much as two years to fully understand the energies and transitions that have taken place after Pluto’s conjunction with their Sun’s Natal position.

Pluto is a powerful transformative energy that is often quite relentless in its pursuit. Many will feel its energies in ways that seem destined and often what unfolds is frequently out of their hands.

We must go with the flow when it comes to all outer planets’ influences, but especially when it comes to Pluto. Pluto tends to stir up anything that hides below the surface. Pluto asks us to bring these things to the surface and deal with them. Sometimes these issues are from our resent past or they could be something current in our lives that we are trying to sweep under the carpet. Sometimes, the issues are from our distant past that we have buried but consciously or subconsciously still haunts us. These buried experiences never really leave us. If we have not been aware of these issues, then the feelings tied to the undealt experience may have been felt in a more subconscious manner.

Now, under this influence, is the time to deal with these events or issues, although they may be quite challenging. If we try to ignore the energies of Pluto (as often we get a nudge on what needs to be dealt with), the push to deal with them often materialize in much more aggressive manner. There may be power struggles and often fights to gain control or fights to let go, in order to pass through these challenges and rise above the experiences. It could be difficult to face but do not try to avoid these chances to deal with the issues. You are now in a place where you can deal with these issues once and for all. Pluto usually provides you with the necessary strength and endurance to move past these experiences and rise above what may have been holding you back prior to this aspect.

The Sun also deals with your goals in life and you may find that some of these goals are now attainable or in the process of becoming tangible. You may have to make some alterations to your plans, but the necessary tools are available to maneuver your way towards these objectives. Some will find that they have resistance from others especially if there are oppositions (180 aspect) from the natal chart to this conjunction. You may have to prove yourself or fight for your rights to prove that what you are implementing is relevant. Speak your mind, but not in an aggressive manner. You will most likely find that whatever energies are available to you come from outside forces.

Pluto has great regenerative energies and for those that have been dealing with illnesses, you may find that your strength and endurance are now enhanced, and you can fight whatever dis-ease you are experiencing.

For those in very poor health, this may be a time of depletion, but there must be several other mitigating factors in the chart that point in the same direction. Check for aspects from the sixth house or twelfth house as well as challenges to the Ascendant, before drawing any hasty conclusions. If you have been feeling off, see your doctor to find out if there are issues or if the symptoms are stress related due to outside circumstances in life. This is often the case during these rather intense periods when Transiting Pluto conjuncts the Sun.

Check you chart to see which house this conjunction takes place in. This house will be the area of life being affected by this aspect. Also have a look at the natal positioning of your Pluto and see if there are any aspects between your natal Sun and your natal Pluto. This too will provide you with more information.

We will continue our mini forecast for Capricorn on January 8, 2018.

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