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Are you unsure of where you stand on certain commitments that you have made to yourself or in life?

Are you unsure of the direction life is taking you?

Do you feel lost yet determined to set things right?

It can be very challenging to stand firm under the pressures of life at times and your commitment to staying on course can sway during these disturbances. Do not be dismayed if you find yourself off course every now and again. You are allowed to teeter here and there and veer off your “anticipated” path. Actually every step you take is always on path.

Some commitments are made under duress, some even under circumstance long since changed. Some commitments just cannot be upheld.

This does not make us a failure. Some portions of the journey can be tough. We are human and we will revert back to old ways or look back to old conditions. As long as we catch ourselves and refocus, we can continue forward. Many times in life, until we learn a specific lesson, the issue keeps resurfacing until the lesson has been learned. Shoving an issue or hurdle under the carpet in the long run is not the easy solution. Face life’s issues head on. Deal with them immediate. Only then can we put them behind us and continue our journey forward

If we are unsure of our life’s direction, we can spend time in silence, away from the hustle and bustle. We may not always have a great “ahha” moment but we will receive clarity as to which way to turn. Take baby steps forward. We do not need to have the full path mapped out in front of us. The course may already be set but it is each step that is the actual life experience not the final destination. We have lessons to learn and will experience life through different channels but these lessons will be met regardless of what course we take. The lessons are necessary for growth and they can be taught on many different levels of understanding.

As mentioned, we are never truly off track and although there will be times of utter confusion and deep feelings of being lost. Life will shift and we will understand the reasons for these feelings. Down the road a little further, one day, we may even understand the “why” behind certain events that at the time left us befuddled. We are on an adventure with many twists and turns on the path, yet every experience regardless of the challenges involved or the ease of flow we experience takes us precisely where we are meant to be. Have faith in the process and understand that we are always being guided.

Eventually, we will see our course even though today we feel lost. We will again regain our momentum even though today we feel stuck. We are never alone in our journey although we take each step ourselves.

Stay true to your convictions and accept what life offers regardless of what that may be. We are on our way and nothing will stop us from achieving our required goals even if we do not understand what they are today. Peace accompanies us every step of the way. Are we allowing ourselves to experience that peace?

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