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Moon in Gemini in Astrology

Moon in Gemini is the sign of emotional versatility and emotional adaptability. The emotions are experienced on a very wide range, from little to no emotional response to extremes although often short-lived bursts of emotion. Emotional changes are so common that even the individual experiencing them has a difficult time adjusting. There is no set course of action except perhaps to expect a reaction to stimuli, as this is usually the case.

These individuals are influenced to a great extent on how their mind deciphers the experience. The mind will evaluate whatever has taken place and then under normal conditions, the individual will rationalize the event and then react accordingly (and this can happen in an instant). Outside stimuli often have a powerful influence on Moon in Gemini individuals and change is often a by-product of their environment. Change is apparent and often the focus tends to wonder because of this.

These individuals understand that they are all about change, so how can they focus when things are about to change. This can be emotionally upsetting as they would love to understand why they are feeling the way they do, but sometimes they are unable to figure these emotions out.

Sometimes rational does not apply. Moon in Gemini individuals just feel what they feel and it might be hard to get a handle on why. In most cases, they are bored and need something to do. They especially need someone to talk to and share what is taking place in their lives. If no one seems interested, they will go through an array of emotional feelings. These individuals need intellectual stimuli to be happy and when it is not easily found, their emotions can soar.

The Moon is often associated with the home environment and this is often a place of emotional release. They have to make sure that they treat everyone fairly. It is important that they not extend their emotional outbursts on family and close friends. Release is very important; however, they will have to find ways to express themselves without affecting others. This might be somewhat difficult because they do not know how to do anything in half measures. When they express themselves, they do it with great emotion and if they are upset, these individuals will let others know.

Finding a peaceful resolution only comes after deliberation and finding a solution to life’s sometimes challenging times.

It will be important for Moon in Gemini people to figure things out, but if they cannot figure out why they feel the way they do, they will have to find a way of letting it go. It is important to understand that sometimes life is not black and white and our emotions are not always easily figured out. “Let go and move on” might be good advice as analysing and trying to figure things out can drive Moon in Gemini individuals crazy and this will upset an otherwise good day.

One thing is for sure if you meet up with a Gemini Moon individual, life will never be dull. An array of verbal and emotionally charged exchanges will be a part of life.

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