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There are times in life when the momentum seems to shift. Times when we are moving well and other times when life seems to stall and stagnate.

What are these stalled laps about?

The times we appear to be moving forward or backward are measured in time sequence, that in many cases, are not of our own doing. Of course, there are times when shifts come that are expected (we see the potential and strive to make things happen). Other times, it would appear that we have made poor judgements, or are disadvantaged times but we also see these coming. Because of this, we can prepare ourselves for what might be approaching.

More than often, life seems to take us by the hand and lead us to roads that we did not expect to be traveling. Under these circumstances, there is no time to prepare or plan. Life just seems to put us in situations that for the moment are not completely understood or predictable. These times can be uplifting, or they can feel like stumbling blocks to our growth.

As we maneuver our way through, we must adjust to where life takes us. Letting go and letting life certainly fits these occasions. When we find ourselves in a situation where something magnificent takes hold, we enjoy the ride. When life challenges us, however, we often struggle. It can be hard to see the silver lining, but if you look deep enough, you will find the valuable lesson.

We must walk these roads, good or bad. Our attitude holds the key to the pressures or enjoyment attached to each event. When life shifts, we decide what course of action to take. We also decide on our reaction to the process. We are never at the mercy of life, but we often find ourselves at the mercy of our mind’s reaction.

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