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When deciphering a birth chart, we need to consider any planet located within a 2 degree orb of approaching the IC (Imum Coelias which is Latin for the bottom of the sky). We also have to consider a planet within a 3 degree orb separating from the IC as both of these circumstances will be significant. The closer the planet is to the IC degree, the more powerful and significant its influence is in our lives.

The IC’s energy has to do with our early upbringing and early life experiences, whether this is on a conscious or unconscious level of understanding. It also represents our Mother (or most nurturing parent), our home base and our roots. It also deals with our family and end of life conditions.

A planet on the IC assists us in accessing our unconscious needs and wants as well as our access to early childhood experiences that have played a significant role in our early development. Since the natural ruler of the IC or fourth house cusp is Cancer, this house is also identified with our nurturing response to our environment and is associated with this through our comfort level in our home environment and with family. The planet closely tied to the IC assists us or challenges us, depending on the aspects it receives from other natal planets, in fulfilling our own personal emotional needs and comfort zone within our close personal surroundings. In early childhood, this is often depicted from our close personal relationship with our peers, our parents and close family.

Since the fourth house or IC speaks in terms of our roots and root behaviours, a planet in conjunction with this degree in our chart has an important influence and works in such a way that we either feel comfortable in our own skin or feel as though there is something missing. The planet and its identity has a great influence on how we nourish and protect ourselves as well as connect and generate psychic energies which nurtures us on a deep instinctual level.

If, for example, you have Saturn conjunct this position and poorly aspected in your chart, there would have been some struggles with authority or the father in early life. Life may have felt like a testing ground and, although it may have been met with obstructions and difficulties in many cases, as life progresses, it also builds character and solidifies the core of who we are.

If, for example, you have Venus on this cusp and it is well aspected, the potential for finding love and affection in your early environment is highly likely and you would have felt protected which in turn provide you with concrete beliefs that you are likely to be protected and loved throughout this life.

As you can see much depends on the planet involved, its instinctive energies, how it is aspected in the chart and above all else what you choose to do with these energies as life progresses. Even under the harshest of conditions, the potential to rearrange your life and mold it into something positive is always available. It may take some time and diligent work on your part but life can always be altered to suit your best interests, much depends on your current frame of mind and what you believe is your true potential.

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