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Neptune’s influence can be quite subtle in its expression yet dynamic at the same time. Its tendency is to cloud matters, to make things uncertain but can also lead to exciting spiritual enlightenment. Much depends on how Neptune is aspected in the birth chart and by which planets or angles.

A strong, poorly aspected Neptune in the birth chart can indicate trouble related to seeing the real picture. There can be a tendency to visualize an ideal and yet cover up what might be right in front of you.

A positively aspected Neptune can also produce vivid dreams which can be deciphered and used in daily life, and it can stimulate the unconscious and activate psychic abilities.

The house that Neptune is in within the Astrology chart will define the area of life that may be somewhat cloudy and vague. Again, it can produce vivid understanding of the mystical and insight that will unequivocally describe the nature and expression of that particular house, however.

For example, if you were to have Neptune in the first house, you will come across as mysterious and intriguing, potentially a mystic or someone with great creativity and artistic expression. This expression could also define someone with musical abilities, or on the contrary, someone who is lost in life and uses drugs to escape a harsh reality.

Someone with Neptune in the seventh house could be attracted to a mystical type of individual or be drawn to those that require assistance or are lost. Since the seventh house speaks about partnership, someone with Neptune in this house may have a hard time seeing their partner clearly. They may put their partner on a pedestal and once the fog clears, they can be quite upset at who stands before them. It is advised that anyone with Neptune in the seventh and especially those who have challenging aspects to Neptune that they review their chosen partner and even ask others what they think about them before plunging into a relationship.

The position of Neptune is also the place where mystical understanding and spiritual insight might be revealed especially if this is the ninth house or if Neptune is attached to a grand water trine in the birth chart.

Pluto in a close sextile to Neptune can also indicate the potential for spiritual insight and psychic leanings, especially if the connection is to the fourth or eighth house. The twelfth house also speaks strongly of psychic potential, but it can also speak of confinement and institutions where mental breakdowns and psychic disruption can have profound effects on the mental reasoning abilities.

When Neptune transits through a house or makes connections to planets in the birth chart, it is often quite a difficult transit to handle. Many things associated with the house, the planet and sign can become quite unclear and misleading. Nothing is for certain.

Neptune can also teach you a great deal about compassion and selflessness, however.

Even in extreme cases, Neptune’s energies can lead to mystery and even psychosis if the channels are left to fester without the proper assistance to guide us through the illusiveness tied to Neptune. In many cases, confusion reigns and things are unclear. The direction can be out of focus and rational may be difficult to achieve. Insight is possible, however. Awakening through psychic teaching can be the final outcome.

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