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This post relates to Natal Neptune sextile to Mercury but can also be related to Transiting Neptune sextile your N Mercury. The transit is temporary. The natal positioning is part of your life’s makeup and will be activated through transits of planets.

Mercury is about our mental processing and how our mind works.

This favorable sextile speaks of opportunities to use your mental experience in a positive manner. You likely can visualize your concepts due to the influence of Neptune. The imagination would be strong, and it could be used in many ways. Written material would be an excellent outlet as would public speaking or speaking to the public about information that might be attached to the mystical side of life and spirituality.

Inspiration can be a strong point and we can use our intuitive perception to gain access to other regions of the mind. Mediation can hold great promise and psychic interpretation would be strong. The mind would be open to inspiration and heightened to receiving uploads from outside sources. We can be open to automatic writing, having the ability to tap into resources unavailable to most others.

The creative potential is strong but much depends on the houses involved with this sextile. The houses are areas of life where this intuitive insight can be utilized. If for example Neptune were in the 12th house and Mercury were in the 10th house, this may speak of using our intuition to enable and use our ideas within our career. Perhaps we work in the medical field, and this would be particularly possible if our Neptune were in the 10th and/or Cancer on the midheaven. We could then use our abilities to assist in knowing which way to move ahead with a patient.

The creative potential is strong and visualization techniques are enhanced with this position.

How will you use your creative abilities as you move forward in your life’s quest if Neptune sextile Mercury is in your chart?

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