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Neptune turns retrograde on June 13, 2016 beginning at 12 degrees Pisces. It will remain stationary for three days (June 13-16, 2016). A reminder that stationary positions are, by far, the more powerful energy.

The outer planets remain in retrograde for longer periods of time and this retrograde cycle of Neptune will last until November, 2016. It will barely move 3 degrees in the horoscope (12-9degrees) over a 150 day period.

Those that have Neptune in retrograde in their birth charts will certainly be affected. Those that have Neptune stationary in their birth chart will be even more powerfully affected. “Powerfully” may not be the appropriate word as Neptune’s energies are very subtle ways. Its influences are felt often through intuitive channels and the unconscious minds.

In direct motion, Neptune often suggests cloudiness with our reasoning, potential deception or we may not be facing facts. In its higher representation is suggests idealism. It also could suggest a romantic involvement often associated with an idealistic view of the partner or situation. It is also linked to artistic abilities coming to the surface. Neptune is linked with fantasy and visions while in direct motion but its energies turn to reality and dealing with facts when in retrograde. Openheartedness and level-headedness linked to common sense are terms that could also be associated with Neptune’s retrograde cycles.

Since Neptune deals primarily with the mystical and spiritual side of our consciousness, during this time you may find that you realize more concrete solutions or answers to questions pertaining to these pursuits. This applies particularly to those with Neptune retrograde in their birth charts. Look to see which house Neptune is transiting through during this cycle and also look where Neptune is located in your birth chart.

Remember if you have moved to a new area at least two hundred kilometres from where you were born, it is important to have your chart relocated. This could change your chart drastically or in a minor way depending on the distance you have moved from your birth location. A relocated chart should always be used when working with transits if you have moved from your birth position.

We will continue our look at Retrograde Neptune on Friday, June 10.

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