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Today, April 1, 2022, we are experiencing a New Moon at 11 degrees 30 minutes Aries. This is the sign of aggressive action, adventure and the stimulating energies associated with moving towards a path with vigor. This sign produces a strong personal belief that we can do anything once we put our minds to it.

For those that this New Moon influences their chart especially by conjunction or opposition this can be a time to push forward into areas (determined by the house position) that need action. Two to Three degrees applying and two degrees separating is the recommended orbs of influence.

Aries is considered a “me first” sign as it pursues whatever it deems necessary and, in some way, enables personal growth. This is not to say that this is a sign that is selfish. It implies that this sign is self-motivated and self-directed and if this also affects others in a positive sense then it is necessary to push towards this resolution or destination point.

Aries does not wish to wait and will be the first to move ahead. With this in mind, it is important that those affected do not jump into action without some prior study and perhaps listening to others.

T. Mercury is also in the sign of Aries at 11 degrees and 44 minutes making a conjunction to this New Moon’s position. Mercury always has to do with the processing of information. It offers potential for an amalgamation of ideas with the emotional impact of the Moon along with the personal interest and goals associated with the Sun. Forethought and planning the path ahead is essential for progress.

T. Uranus makes a semi-sextile to this position of the New Moon suggesting being in the right place at the right time for a favourable outcomes although action must be taken in order for this to manifest.

Though not part of this positioning we thought we should point out the North Node’s position in Taurus at 24 degrees making a square to Venus and Saturn at this time. The North Node also makes a wide square to Mars. Venus is about peace, tranquility and love while Saturn is about discipline and structure and Mars is about action and aggression. These energies are stimulated by the North Node which is associated with the path ahead. They speak of the energies in place with what is unfolding in our world.

These transits affect everyone if the degrees match the birth chart. The transits also affect different areas of the world. We can expect some instability, uncertainty and a need for peaceful resolutions to have an impact in the coming weeks. Let’s focus on resolution and a stop to the aggression so that peace can surface. Mars and Saturn will most certainly have their say in what unfolds too.

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