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The New Moon will be at 10 degrees Leo today, August 2, 2016.

As with all New Moon phases, the Sun and Moon are in conjunction and with this particular New Moon the Moon and Sun are also in trine to Transiting Saturn.

A New Moon is a time for beginnings and in the sign of Leo this will be a time when you can take a leading role with moving towards a direction that not only enhances your creative potential (particularly if this New Moon is found in the fifth house), but also provides an aggressive instinctual push with reaching your objectives.

If you have had an idea or have been putting together a plan that has the potential for growth on some level, (whether this be on a personal level, through a business proposition or with the purpose of reaching a goal of any kind) this combination (especially so with Saturn providing stability and purpose) can be quite rewarding when the Full Moon in Leo reaches its culmination point in about six months’ time.

Saturn, although in trine to this conjunction of the Moon and Sun, does suggest that you take your time with these objectives and also asks you to make sure the foundation for your plans or goals is built on solid ground. Saturn will make sure that you do the groundwork or will at least propose that you take this route so that the opportunities that are in place will have the framework for success and a prosperous outcomes. Once again, this can be on a personal level of achievement or perhaps a business proposal.

It is wise to have a look at your natal chart and see if you have other planets making aspects to this conjunction (as well as the Transiting Saturn). This will help you understand what areas of life are involved as well as whether you will have challenges in reaching your goals or if the transition will run smoothly. You will have the potential for greater success in reaching your objectives if for example you have Jupiter or Venus as part of the equation and particularly so if they are in fortunate aspects to this configuration.

It is important to always look at the natal potential in your chart when reviewing your potential for easy success or hard work. This is not to say that a challenging natal aspect has little chance of succeeding, only that you may have to work extra hard to reach these goals and aspirations work.

If, for example, the MC is involved, this could suggest opportunities with your profession, perhaps recognition for your hard work and advancement of some kind. If the DC is involved perhaps this will be a time for marriage or a proposal of such, or the relationship becomes more involved and has implications of longevity.

Once again much depends on the overall condition of these areas in your birth chart. If you are not overly acquainted or familiar with these ideas, the preparation of a chart by a reputable Astrologer is recommended. Remember Astrology points the way, but you are always in the driver’s seat in life and you are the one that plans the route you will take. Let’s chart the way.

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