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We will be experiencing a New Moon at 23 degrees in the sign of Libra on October 16, 2020, at 3:31 p.m.

Allow a three-degree orb of influence to any planet or angle in your natal chart to 23 degree Libra. The Conjunction, Square and Opposition are the three main aspects to consider and then you can take into consideration the Trine and Sextile. The more challenging the aspects the greater the influence of this New Moon in your chart. Remember to consider the house of the New Moon as well as the planet(s) involved and their house position.

A New Moon indicate a fresh start, a time to begin anew and strategize a plan of action that will be matured and ready to be harvested when we reach the next Full Moon in the same sign, some 6 months from now. It is important to take into account the houses involved as this will be the areas of life that can be influenced, and you can set your plans with this in mind.

The Moon and Sun are in conjunction with one another during a New Moon cycle and are in opposition with one another in the Full Moon stage. A conjunction to another planet will bring an emphasis to the planet involved, merging the energies.

Because this New Moon is in the sign of Libra often relationships are part of the picture. A degree of balancing and fairness will be part of the process. For example, if this conjunction is with Mars and in the eighth house, you may find that there are issues related to joint finances and shared resources or issues related to sexual expression. Mars would cause some level of disagreement and potential aggression and in many cases, you will want to speak your mind but you should also be ready for some challenging response from those involved.

Libra is about partnership in business as well, and if the tenth house is involved you may find that your occupation and career or life status and reputation may be involved depending on what aspects are involved and the planets which are part of the picture. Libra however usually aims towards peaceful resolutions, and honesty is imperative.

There may be some type of legalities especially if the ninth house in involved and potential health or perhaps a co-worker if the sixth house is part of the process.

If this is about an important relationship such as a marriage partner, then perhaps the seventh and/or first house will be involved. If this New Moon is forming an opposition then the likelihood of someone else besides yourself causing issues is heightened.

Fairness and justice will be primary, and you might have to make adjustments to get the full picture especially if the twelfth house is involved as there may be an element that is hidden in some way.

Although considered a minor aspect the quincunx often speaks of the necessity of adjustment being part of the picture. Minor aspects can also play a role in determining what is in place, but the orb of influence is much tighter and should not be considered unless the degree of separation is less than one degree.

You can use these energies in positive ways regardless of the aspect or planets involved, but the more challenging aspects and difficulty of the planets involved the harder a resolution. It should be understood that the more work that is required, the greater the chance for something worthwhile to manifest.

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