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The New Moon phase is considered a time to put goals into action, setting things into motion. We can set new goals for our self and when the Full Moon moves into the same sign or house positon that the New Moon was in, we will find that the energies flow more easy to complete our goals.

The Full Moon cycle is often linked to completing or reaching the end of a condition or course of action. This is when ideas and our work effort come to fruition. If we are not quite there, this period provides the energies so that we can visualize the whole picture and often will instinctively know what the next steps should be to complete our goal.

In the New Moon phase, we could set our plans and outline what our intensions may be. Our normal metaphor is the garden of life. The new Moon is the time to ready our garden and plant our seeds after which we can work to see our goals grow. No seed grows without being attended to. We can ensure that our goals receive the necessary food and water and that it is not being choked out by other activities in life. As times passes, watch how our goals manifest as life presents the needed opportunities and we put in the required work. When we plant our seeds, our intension is set.

When we enter into the Full Moon cycle, particularly if there is a link to the sign and house positon of the original New Moon phase when we set are intensions, we will discover that either these intensions can materialize, they can deepen or mature or they have withered.

If we set our intensions on goals specific to the house and sign position in our personal astrology chart, the potential for success is greater than if we set intensions in areas of life that are not linked to house and sign position.

For example, if the New Moon is in Taurus and in the fourth house, we might think about beautifying our home and doing work on the house, as Taurus often speaks about material comforts and the fourth house has to do with the home environment.

If the same sign and house placement are involved in our personal chart during the new moon and full moon cycles but our sights were set on begin a new relationship, this goal might not work out as well for us. In this circumstance we might want to wait until the New Moon sign placement is in Libra and the house placement is in the fifth house. Libra is all about partnership and important relationships among other things, and the fifth house deals with romantic involvement (among other things).

If by chance the New Moon Cycle begins under a Void-Off-course Moon, it has been noted that things will often not materialize during this cycle. (Void-off course is when the moon is not making an aspect while leaving one sign and entering the next. For example, the Moon is in Aries at 27 degrees 15 minutes at which time it squares Mars. It will not make another aspect to any other planets until it is at Taurus at 1 degree and 23 minutes. This period is known as Void-Off-Course). The Void-Off Course period could last from a few hours, even minutes to several days. Under the influence of the Void-Off course Moon, goals may not materialize or things do not go as planned. It would be better to wait until a time when there is no Void-Off-Course influence.

It is not suggested by this Astrologer that we have to wait to make plans or decisions in life for these opportune moments to come, but there is a better chance to make things work if following these guidelines. Even with the energies of the moon cycles are influencing our Astrology chart, we must always look at the whole chart as there may be other mitigating conditions within the chart making challenges or even more easy flow for our goals. Always look through the whole chart as it can help us discover if we will be presented with challenges or easy flow in achieving any objective.

Astrology can be used to help our life’s endeavors, but we always have the leading role in determining what actions to take. Astrology is a guide to help us with our decisions. It does not dictate.

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