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NEW MOON MAY 11, 2021

We will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Taurus at 21 degrees today, May 11, 2021, at 3:01 p.m. EDT.

A New Moon in the sign of Taurus has its energies tied to slow and steady progress or the steady flow of disintegrating matters. Much will depend on if you have planets in your birth chart in positive or challenging aspects related to this position of the new Moon.

If the energies are positively activated, this can mark the beginning of accessing a worthwhile path that over time will offer success and gain. This can be related to material success or business success or even romantic involvement that looks promising. Taurus wants nothing more than to build on something that offers security and Taurus energies are willing to work towards that objective. You will understand that it may take some time to reach fruition of your efforts. Taurus is willing to wait for things to unfold, moving slowly but steadily in the right direction. You know that it will take some work to achieve what you set out to do and realize that rushing should not be an option.

You may have been saving or thinking about selling property and now may be a good time to advance forward with this intension. Make sure you have prepared for this and that you are ready to push ahead. No shortcuts please, as this is where mistakes come into play.

If this is business related and you have been waiting patiently for the chance to open perhaps now is the right time to get ready. You may find that the next six months, depending on how hard you work and prepare, can either have positive ramifications or negative outcomes depending on your efforts and planning.

You will also have transiting Neptune in trine to this placement at 22 degrees of Pisces so the goals you are reaching for may tie in with the mystical side of life or perhaps have something to do with being of service and rendering assistance to those in need. Neptune adds an alluring quality to things and if this is a romantic engagement, then it may seem mystically inclined or spiritually linked. Sextile between these placements provide opportunities and perhaps now is the time to move ahead and take advantage of these potentials.

Once again consider all the placements of the planets in your natal chart and aspects that are in force to get the full picture. The houses involved will relate to the areas of life that this new beginning (new moon) relates to. The aspects and planets in your chart add information that helps define what is involved and what the potential might be for you specifically.

The New Moon always speaks of new beginnings. Plant your seeds and nurture them moving forward.

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