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On November 26, 2019, at 10:07 a.m. we will be experiencing the New Moon at 4 degrees in the sign of Sagittarius. This New Moon is indicative of a new start or the beginning of something that could be viewed as an optimistic advancement pertaining to growth and expansion. This could deal with life’s philosophy in the moment, spiritual insight and the desire to move in a new direction because there is the need for a shift or adjustment to what has been in place up until this point.

This adjustment may be required as our growth has become dormant or life circumstances no longer serve a viable purpose. That which no longer serves us can be stopping us in some way from moving ahead in the direction that is more suitable at this point in our lives. This can be a new beginning as mentioned but it will take some adjustment due to Uranus, which is currently at 3 degrees in the sign of Taurus, is making a quincunx to this placement of the Sun and Moon.

In some way, we may find that we are at the right place at the right time and the move, although somewhat disruptive and perhaps even somewhat unexpected, is due to the time being ripe for adventure or exploration. Mars is making a semi-sextile at 4 degrees Scorpio and the positioning exemplified may be short lived. By early December, the influence of Mars begins to fade somewhat, so the time to take advantage of these energy is right now.

There may be opportunity for travel and perhaps we may be planning on taking a trip of some sort especially if this placement is found in the ninth house of our natal chart. Perhaps there is a change of residence or a move taking place in our work especially when the fourth and/or tenth houses are involved. Perhaps this speaks of a relationship of significance such as a marriage partner or a romantic involvement and the seventh would be indicative of the marriage partnership while the romantic involvement might speak in terms of the fifth house involvement.

Remember we require a close connection to either our natal planets or an angle in our birth chart especially by conjunction or opposition for this New Moon to have an important effect on our chart. Regardless of what takes place in personal terms, our most significant input in these actions taking place will be our attitude towards what is happening. Life always happens for a reason and we should not disregard anything whether it is a difficult lesson or beneficial experience. Know that life always takes us in the right direction even if the unfolding process is slow and tedious or quick and responsive for that matter.

Enjoy and make the best of the situation and be open to life and its ongoing influence and messages.

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