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We will be experiencing a New Moon in the sign of Cancer at 10 degrees on July 2, 2019, at 3:17 EDT. At the same time we will also be experiencing a Solar Eclipse. Those individuals that have planets between 7 and 13 degrees of either Cancer or Capricorn (in conjunction or opposition to this placement) will particularly be influenced by this Eclipse/New Moon positioning.

Solar eclipses are strong in their effect for about 6 months, but the overall effect of Solar Eclipses is equivalent in years for every hour that they lasts; so a three and one half hour eclipse will still be in force 3 ½ years from the time of the eclipse, if it makes close aspects within your natal chart. The energies associated with the Eclipse can usually felt prior to the actual eclipse for several weeks.

New Moons are associated with a time to start something plant the seeds for goals in the garden of life. When in the sign of Cancer, the new moon deals with nurturing and often our subconscious is involved. Cancer is a sensitive and gentle sign and family is important. Depending on which house is involved in our personal astrology chart, the nurturing part of you will work in these areas of life represented by the house involved in your chart.

Because Neptune is involved (out by 8 degrees and forming a trine), sometimes love and affection can be part of the process. It will be important not to romanticise the relationship. Do not let your imagination run wild or grasp for far-fetched ideologies. Neptune tends to elevate love and affection and often people put others on a pedestal under this influence. Guard against this, although this might be a match made in heaven and the relationship may flow very well.

Being tied to the North Node suggests that life’s path and important people may come into the picture and push you out of complacency (if you have been in need of a push). Solar eclipses are equipped to make this happen and are known to bring about new opportunities. They can wreak havoc and push for change.

There is a lot of feminine energy associated with the sign of Cancer and intuition may be strong.

Many people, unfortunately, fear eclipses but truth and change are what eclipses actually foster. Many people dislike change and forget to see what great benefits change can bring. You might not feel ready or well equipped to maneuver your way through what these energies are relaying to you, but sometimes change is what is required and the eclipse will bring about the momentum to push ahead.

Domestic matters may be part of the process and if the energies are abrupt, remember they will eventually be positive in their expression. In many ways, these changes will carry good Karma although work is involved with Saturn being in opposition.

Over time, however, Saturn does tend to offer stability and structure to anything that needs structure and/or solidity.

Make sure you recognize and act upon any of your own personal needs that are not being met.

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