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The North Node and the South Node are always opposite one another to the exact degree and minute in an Astrology chart.

The North Node represents our current life’s path and the South Node has to do with a previous life significant to this one and although the characteristics of our South Node come natural to us and are comfortable, we are not to fall back and rely on these in this current life.

The North Node in transit often puts us on our path and in some cases important people come into our life that help us move in this intended direction.

In this post we are focusing on the North Node in Aries. The North Node in the sign of Aries points towards a life where we are to take the lead. A life with the influence of NN in Aries is meant (for anyone with this combination) to live as their own driving force. It is a life where they are meant to forge their own path, live their own life, be self-directed and although they may make mistakes along the way, often due to their exuberance for achievement (as they want to achieve no later than this moment) they can pick up the pieces and start again if necessary.

Although the North Node is known as uncharted territory and the path may be somewhat uncomfortable because of this not knowing, they will find that throughout life they will be pushed ahead and at times forced into action. They may be placed in situations where they are to make the decisions and take a leading role. They will, often times, learn to navigate through their life and in most cases they will achieve what they set out to do. It may not be exactly as they had planned, but the course is set and they will move in their intended direction. They live their life primarily for themselves and this is not to say that other people will not play a part, but these individuals will have to depend on themselves to achieve what they set out to do.

With the South Node in Libra, in a past life, they were very much in tune to what others needed and relationships were very important to them. They were in search of balance and harmony and did many things for others; They may even have lived their life for others. They have brought with them certain character traits that can be used to their advantage in this life. Characteristics such as diplomacy, tact and a build in knowledge of what others need are second nature to them, and they have the ability to use these in their quests in this life. Doing things justly and fairly will be important to these individual’s advancement in this life’s journey.

As life slowly unfolds, they will encounter paths in life that will lead them towards their ultimate goal which is one of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and with a driving force to succeed in whatever endeavors they might want to follow. These individuals should move ahead with the intension of learning from their experiences and knowing that from a higher level they are being directed for their own ultimate good. They should always push ahead in their endeavors, strive for achievement and know that they are on the path that will promote their needed growth.

The house position of the North Node will be the area of life that this calling will take place. Use the house position as a guide to fulfill this requirement. The house of the South Node will be the area of life that can help propel these individuals forward in the intended direction as their natural “knowhow” will come from this area.

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