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North Node in Libra in Astrology

As indicated in a previous post, there are always two Nodes of the Moon, the north and south nodes. The North Node describes our destiny--the reason we are here in this incarnation. The South Node is said to define where we have come from and what we have brought with us into this incarnation. We are to use some of the qualities linked to the South Nodes sign and house position and use them in such ways that will assist us in uncovering and manifesting our North Node qualities, which is also defined by sign and house position. This is a very general description to help with the understanding of this post.

North Node in Libra deals primarily with partnerships, either through relationships or in business ventures. In most cases, it has to do with important partnerships and is often linked to the marriage partner or significant other. With the North Node in Libra, this individual’s experiences will be linked closely to the partner through romantic involvement and is often tied to lessons that will be experienced through partnerships.

The South Node is always directly opposite by sign and house placement from the North Node. They are always in opposition to each other, exactly. The South Node suggests that in a previous lifetime anyone with their North Node in Libra that life was evolved around matters that dealt directly to them and discovering themselves as an individual was a prime objective of the soul. Advancements were made through personal lessons and maneuvering through life perhaps alone or without significant others playing important roles in life. It was all about this individual and now it is all about the other. Valuable lessons will be taught through these relationships and they have come into this world to experience life through relationships with others.

For those individuals with their North Node in Libra, this life will be all about creating a balance and finding harmony in their relationships and if this balance is not forthcoming, it will be all about trying to create it. Other people play significant roles in their lives and they will feel as though they are not whole without a significant other in their life. Peace and harmony at almost any cost is often an offshoot with this nodal placement.

In the past (South Node), this individual relied mostly on themselves and because of this, they was very self-confident. Self-interests were pretty much all that mattered and now they will bring this self-assurance with them and use it in ways that will help others. They are here to share their life and adapt to the needs of others, through acts of selfless love and devotion. They will seek out ways to find a healthy balance between self-sufficiency and the reliance on others in this life. They will work to uncover ways to work in unison with others, either in personal relationships or through business partnership.

To further define the partnerships and liaisons they will make with others and the part that they will play in this union, look to the house position and ruling planet’s position of their North and South Nodes. It is also suggested that these individuals look into how these Nodes are aspected to define whether these unions and commitments will run smoothly and to find the best routes to follow as life progresses. Partnership will be the prime importance in this life, so they must make sure that they are choosing the right partner. The seventh house often describes this individual.

They can use the pioneering nature brought over from their past life to assist them in many of their undertakings, as the South Node would be in the sign of Aries, a self-promotional and affluent position that can push them forward in this life. This life is not all about these individuals. It is about their lives with important people and what they can do together as a couple not as an individual.

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