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It can be quite a challenge meeting and overcoming hurdles in life, and although we would like to rush beyond these hurdles, it is important to take small, certain steps… at a time. Rushing will only create new obstacles that are avoidable.

What lies ahead is sometimes so muddied, if we rush ahead, we become even more lost. Our logical minds or egos will persistently make Mount Everest our of ant hills. The mind mulls through potential outcomes and often the ego gets in the way. As a result, we suffer. If we learn to let go, the journey is far less challenging and stressful.

Take one step at a time and allow life to flow as it should. The experience may move slowly but the experience is far more comfortable and less traumatic. Allowing the process to unfold is equivalent to having faith in the process. This is not to say that we are at the mercy of life and have no say in what happens, but there are times when it is best just to wait patiently for answers and guidance to show the way.

Guidance can come from outside sources and other times, it swells up from within us. It is important to have goals in mind or an objective to reach as we do continually move forward, but we have to be flexible with any of these. Rigidity causes frustration. Finding solutions along the way usually comes naturally when the time is right and when we are ready and able to receive the proper information. Patience truly is a virtue and this is often a lesson to learn behind every life experiences.

Have faith in the knowledge that life is taking us down the road we are meant to travel. We will move through all circumstance eventually. No obstacle is insurmountable. All things in life can either be conquered or altered.

It is our expectation of how life is to play out that requires changing. First we must believe in ourselves. Believe in the process and have faith that we are on the right path. We are never off course, even when it feels as though we are.

Take small step at a time. Let’s see where these steps take us. It IS an exciting journey!

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