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We have all come into this life with unique character traits, each identified as our own. Many of us will find people we can converse with due to our similar evolutionary stages in life, but it is next to impossible to find someone who can completely comprehend the intimate internal climate of our own personal sphere of existence.

This understanding can make some of us feel alone.

Nonetheless, we can have a wonderful intimate bond with those that recognize this connection which is beyond the material world.

Is this our souls’ connection?

The people that seem to come and go quickly in our lives are often put in place to help us during traumatic life interchanges or to start us in a new direction on our path. They seem to appear almost magically and teach us valuable lessons that we might have been wrestled with by ourselves for long periods of time. They are here one moment and then gone the next. Some call these individuals angels of spiritual intervention and they were destined to a short but important interchange.

Your life’s signature develops as you do. Often those that we call family or friends have a long term influence in our journey but those that quickly come and go can have a very important influence on the flow of our personal signature.

We learn from all of these individuals. We can take on certain characteristics from them or we can be determined to never take on certain characteristics they display. Either way they are valuable lessons and they influence our life’s signature nonetheless.

For some of us, we muster up the courage and good fortunate to look deep within and we experience the honour of appreciating our true inner self. We are able to get glimpses of the soul personality. This in part is a stepping stone in our awakening process.

Our life’s signature experiences constant touchups.

Will we every understand our true identity?

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