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It is very refreshing when our moments are filled with promise and tenderness. How fortunate we are that we make times for reflection and to watch the unfolding of dreams coming true. It is so pleasant to release control and to focus on the actual perfection in each and every moment in life.

We cannot hold on to events for this only creates longing but we can certainly reflect and appreciate the blessings that they brought. We can appreciate the constant change in life and realize that it was our focus on the positive aspects of these events that created the wonder that we experienced.

Even the best of events in life will not feel positive if we look at the situation in a negative focus. When we drift off into a negative attitude or focus, we can get caught up in that focus. If we choose a positive focus, even the most testing of situations will have positive highlights. Forgetting our positive intentions and holding on to challenging conditions can and will reduce our appreciation of the learning opportunities we are provided with.

Some believe that life is always in balance and we cannot have celebratory times without experiencing struggle. Without struggle we would not appreciate the easy flow. We would take it for granted. How do you feel about this?

We believe that the harder lessons in life are the ones we really learn from but we do not have to look at lessons in a negative light. They are wonderful stepping stones to our development. How can this be a negative experience?

Life unfolds as it should even during the times that we feel we are challenged. Our ongoing reaction to life events is key to our experience. Too many of us get caught up in our focus of misery and despair when we are pushes in directions we really do not want to go in. Our attitude towards this direction is our only enemy. If we travel this path expecting events to get worse, our expectations will be answered so let’s expect the best outcome possible. It is to our benefit.

During times of stress and anxiety it is difficult to turn our thinking around when we have practiced “a negative outlook” for most of our lives. What can we do to challenge this attitude? To start, we cannot lay blame on others for the events in our lives. We must take responsibility for our lives. We can grab the bull by the horns and start controlling our reaction to life. We can take action and make the necessary changes mentally so that we can appreciate each and every event we experience.

If we choose to look at life as though it is only going to get worse, we are guaranteed that this will evolve. If we choose to look at life as though it is filled with miracles and will continue to improve, we will be rewarded with this outcome. Which outcome do you prefer?

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