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A planet in its own house such as Jupiter in the ninth house, (the ninth house is naturally ruled by Jupiter), is almost as strong as having a planet in its natural sign, such as Jupiter in Sagittarius. A planet is at home in its natural house position and its energies are comfortable and expressed well there. Of course, the aspects have an influence on this but if the aspects are more positive or easy flowing ones then the energies will be easily released.

It is important to take into consideration the house a planet is located in as this helps to define how the energies will be released and expresses what areas of is involved. Having a planet in its own sign and also in its natural house position (Jupiter in Sagittarius and found in the 9th house) will be very strong and the energies of Jupiter (expansion, good fortune, optimism and favorable outcomes) would have great opportunities to be released in a positive manner when a transiting planet makes an aspect to this placement and energizes the natal potential.

The energies of the transiting planet as well as the aspects it makes will of course have to be explored; however, even when a challenging aspect or difficult planetary energy makes contact to the planet, the potential for a positive outcome is very high.

Having the Sun in Leo, for example, in the fifth house, would suggest that this individual is very self-expressive, probably has abilities either in the performing arts or through their creative expression and would undoubtedly have the best interests of others in mind, especially their children and lover. The ability to move ahead in their endeavours and the opportunity to reach their goals would be enhanced.

If, for example, Saturn was in square to this position (in our example) and in the second house, this individual would probably have to work a little harder at reaching these objectives, but would still likely reach these goals, and in turn potentially creating more inner stability and potential of making a good earn as well. Their creative expression would be enhanced and they would easily sell themselves to others in a favourable manner.

Do you have planets in their natural house placement in your Astrology chart?

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