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For those that are taking the journey into spirituality and psychic awareness, there are roads we walk that cannot be tampered with. There are truths and obligations to uphold, and we have to live within certain boundaries. Because the road we walk is linked to an understanding that we are our own creators and we mold our lives by our expectations and thought process, we have to adhere to certain principles that those that are not on this road may not know about.

You cannot talk the talk without walking the walk. You have to be your truth not just a conduit for it. If you play games with truth and know that you are imitating something that you are not, there are consequences of your actions. This is not to say that you have to walk the straight and narrow, but if you know the principles behind this journey and don’t live them, you will reap our just rewards.

Believing in yourself is step one. Getting to know yourself is the next step, and self-realization comes from exploring the qualities within that shine outward and spread happiness and hope in our world. It is essential to live that part and have a genuine concern for those that share this experience with you. We cannot live a lie and expect to fully awaken. Ultimately, we cannot fool ourselves. We must be the example of that which we seek.

We are neither meant to be self-righteous nor to live life according to someone else’s rules, but we are meant to live life according to our own personal standards. Compassion and a willingness to share life with others is part of the process, and we cannot pretend to be someone we are not.

It is necessary to be content with whom we are but also be willing to grow and expand as we walk our journey.

We can limit or expand our growth by our expectations. What do we do to our growth by inflated ego or self-importance? What do we do to our growth when we attempt to appear to be someone or something that we are not?

Allow that true inner light to shine through. Release expectations of who and what you think you should be and allow the real you to shine forward. You may be pleasantly surprised.

If you want to grow in your personal spiritual expression, then be yourself and express your unique individuality. Do not play games and be honest with yourself. The best person you can be in this moment is who you truly are. Be yourself and know that that self is your spiritual connection.

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