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For those that are taking the journey of spirituality and psychic awareness, the path we walk cannot be tampered with or corrupted. There are truths and obligations to uphold. We must live up to certain high standards.

There are many of us who feel vulnerable from time to time and reach out for assistance. These individual (or any other individual for that matter) can never be taken advantage of. Because the road we walk is linked to the understanding that we create and mold our lives by our thoughts and focus, we, if truly living this life of giving understands, must honour these high standards.

We have to be (not just live) truth and honour it. We must love ourselves and allow that love to overflow into others. We are human but our standards are high. If we dishonor our profession (our calling), we then dishonor ourselves and the profession as a whole. When our profession is based on love, truth and a life of assisting others, dishonestly does not have a place there.

If you are a fellow helper, believe in yourself and know yourself (including your shadow self). Self-realization can only come from exploring the qualities within. When we can accept ourselves, we can then reach out to spread happiness and hope. Without a genuine concern for everyone around us, we cannot do this work.

We are not here to be self-righteous nor are we here to be stifled by all of the rules to control the masses but it is essential that we live life according to our own personal standards and honour each and every living thing. Compassion and sharing of our lives is necessary in order for us to truly experience life. We can neither afford to pretend to be someone that we are not nor can we afford not to be who we are deep within.

We will limit or expand our growth by our expectations and with the rules that we play by. We just as quickly stunt or stifle our growth by pretending to be something we are not. Allow the true self to shine and use whatever tools are available to you to create the best life possible. These do not need to be fabricated.

If you choose to nurture growth of your own personal spiritual expression, there is no better way that to be your true authentic self and to express your unique individuality.

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