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Pluto moves in and out of retrograde several times each year. It remains in retrograde for approximately 150 days a year, often lasting for several months at a time. It moved into retrograde on April 18, 2017, and remains in retrograde until September 28, 2017.

Transiting Pluto is a powerhouse in the horoscope, and it intensifies in strength when it makes aspects to planets and points within the natal chart or the progressed chart. The orb for influence in the transit of Pluto should be no more than 2 degrees (0 degrees being direct). While in progression, it is most significant when it comes within 15 minutes of being direct.

When Pluto moves into the retrograde motion, it intensifies and becomes very powerful. The transformational abilities linked to Pluto increase and the regenerative abilities are enhanced. Any power struggles can also become much more apparent when Pluto is in retrograde, so it is wise to avoid interaction that could lead to intense situations, especially if linked somehow to the planet Mars or Uranus.

It may be very challenging to avoid situations that require change especially when Pluto transits a planet while in retrograde. It could be considered a time for cleansing and a time to release any wore out or outdated attitudes. It is as thought you are addressing a list of things to do that was written last year. Review and remove those items that no longer apply and add more important requirements that are relevant to your life today.

Pluto while in retrograde will be between 14 and 17 degrees and will affect any planet within its orb of influence and while in transit to natal planets (or positions), this orb is much wider than it is in transit to progressed positions. The orb of influence is usually 5 degrees approaching a position and 2 degrees separating from a position.

During retrograde motion, it is good times for inner study and digging up of issues that have been buried for too long. It might not always be pleasant what you initially find but these challenging conditions will need to be confronted and dealt with. Any patterns in your life that have reached a state of uncontrollable insistence can best be addressed now and dealt with and changed (usually on a permanent basis).

Much depends on which house Pluto is transiting and also the house that Pluto is located in the natal chart as these will be areas of life that will undergo Pluto’s transformative energies. You may be forced to challenge any issues you dig up and bring to the surface. An example might be communicative challenges if transiting Pluto is moving through the third house or if natal Pluto resides in this house. Also you should look to see where Pluto’s ruling sign (Scorpio) is found as this will also indicate where these changing conditions might become apparent.

Those with Pluto retrograde at birth are known to have great recuperative abilities and they can withstand illnesses that might be considered debilitating for many others. We would suggest that you review how Pluto is aspected in the natal chart. Also review the aspects linked to the planets that transiting Pluto is making aspects to during its cycle in order to get a feel of how these areas of life along with the energies associated with the planets involved will affect the overall conditions of this very significant transit of Pluto.

In general it is a good time to get in touch with any issues that need dealing with or cleansing. Review to see what you more inner needs may be. It is a time for inner reflection and transformation that usually takes a year or two to unfold.

On an outer level, it is also a good time to begin exercise programs and detoxifying diets that help cleanse the body but do not forget spirit. Enjoy the rather intense transformation that often takes place as Pluto moves into direct and retrograde motion affecting planetary links and important positions in your birth chart.

The times when Pluto is stationary direct and stationary retrograde if linked with others planets in the birth chart could be the most intense periods throughout this whole transformational process.

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