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We are focusing on Transiting Pluto square natal Jupiter.

T Pluto moves very slowly through the Zodiac, about 1° per year. Its impact is therefore quite significant as it will be in place for 3-5 years with its major aspect lasting at least one year. The outer planets are important because of their slow movement over positions in the natal chart.

Pluto is about transformation and regeneration and often produces some type of power struggle as changes take place. We might want to fight its energies, but in many cases, it is futile to attempt to control Pluto’s driving force. It is like swimming upstream when we know that sooner or later the current will take us downstream which is actually where we need to go.

Pluto will bring up anything that needs to surface and often makes us deal with parts of ourselves or life conditions that may not be overly pleasant or may be challenging to deal with. As with all the outer planets, especially Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, their energies are in place because we are at a point in time where we are ready for some type of advancement or awakening to take place. Transformations are at hand.

Jupiter is known as the greater benefic and often creates potential for growth, good fortune, advantageous situations and in general good luck and opportunities. In some cases, Jupiter, because of its expansive nature, can bring an end to situations that have been tormenting or in some cases brings an end to suffering. Much will depend on the houses connected to the positions of N Jupiter, T Pluto and the Natal positioning and aspects to Pluto.

The Square aspect is often a sign of struggle and obstacles to be overcome. The aspect creates tension and adversity which must be dealt with. It is a positive tool as, due to the strength of the challenge in place, we often feel we must deal with the challenge in our own appropriate manner. As a result, the square is a push to resolve issues.

E.g. If T Pluto was moving through your second house which involves finances and security measures, Jupiter which would be in say the fifth house, could suggest that there are issues pertaining to your children or perhaps a creative outlet now needs financial support. Because the fifth house also deals with romantic involvement, perhaps there needs to be some financial aid in place or perhaps this needs to be addressed on some level (because of the link with security and finances from second house). The rest of the chart will have to be taken into consideration before a complete conclusion can be reached.

Most likely, some transformation is in place and undoubtedly in a big way that will make you delve beneath the surface and deal with whatever hurdle has surfaced. This is an opportunity to see things as they are and make the necessary changes that need to be made. There is nothing halfway about these energies. They often signal something is coming to an end in order for something new to present itself, something that is needed now in life.

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An opportunity for transformation and regeneration but not without a little work or struggle.
Pluto Square Jupiter


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