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Are you affected deeply by world conditions and the challenging situations currently taking place?

Some find it difficult to stay centered as a result of current world events.

I have heard individuals question where humanity is heading. Hate crimes do not seem to be decreasing. Racial discrimination, which we would expect to be disappearing, appears in some areas to be on the increase. Some tell us that global warming and other conditions cause worry and they are concerned we are going to reach the point of no return.

We have to question if news and social media feeds into these fears with their continued repetitive coverage. Would it balance out if there were equal coverage of stories based on balance, love and respect because these too are abundant? Unfortunately, we are told these don’t generate high numbers of viewers and today everything is about the “numbers”.

It is important to remain diligent in our efforts for world peace especially during time of unrest and world healing.

It certainly is much easier to remain calm and spread peace when life itself is calm but our example of peace and love is far more important in the face of unrest. Transformations can be challenging and change does not come without certain hardships and hurdles because there is always resistance. The hard lessons always seem to be the most valuable lessons.

There are many working tirelessly in some manner or another towards peace, and there certainly is power in numbers. No matter our race, religion, monetary value, beliefs, etc, we are one…each a part of the integral whole. To cast anyone aside is to cast aside a part of self. Each of us is a fundamental part of the whole puzzle.

We are souls, have a material experience. Our time here is temporary. Do not squander this time. We CAN create peace and experience love. It is part of our journey if we allow it to be.

Stand strong but stand together. Facilitate action by being action. Let the love within radiate out. These will certainly have a ripple effect.

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