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As mentioned in our post on January 6, 2016, our new identify only feels new. The layers of self can be symbolized as a rose. The inner petals have been hidden to us but nonetheless, have always been there.

The beauty of self has always been locked away hidden by the outer petals of ego. When the time comes to bloom, we have made changes within and these changes then begin to radiate outwards.

We begin to recognise this transformation taking place not only within our understanding of self but within the confines of our surroundings. Others will be brought into our immediate circle to help nurture our journey and to allow our beauty to blossom. The sun represents those that will walk this journey with us continually. Each drop of rain represents different individuals that are here for a moment to give us precisely a drop of wisdom needed in the moment. There will be insects that come and go but most will be there to add to our development even though the lessons they bring may be difficult. Each individual has entered at the precise time needed for if they had arrived earlier we may not have been in the proper stage of development to understand or accept their pearls of wisdom.

Those individuals that we were drawn to previously will begin to bloom along with us. Each at their own pace as the various buds on the rose bush. Others will be pruned away for the overall good of the bush. Allow the release from these individuals or life can work its own methods of removing them from our lives. There will be times that we are provided with ways to softly let go and other times, life will step in and change the course of our relationships.

Cultivate and prune as required to allow the most beautiful self to emerge.

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