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It can be easy to get caught up in everyday life. The hustle and bustle of our day can take us away from our true mission. We are here to experience a physical existence, but this includes more that working, sleeping and eating. It may seem as though this is our main focus but there is a much greater spiritual link that co-exists with everyday life.

Many of us often gets caught up in the little nuisances of routine living. It is sometimes difficult to move beyond life’s obligations and necessities, and we can often find it a difficult task. Even with this focus, however we still catch ourselves questioning what lies beyond these mundane obligations.

Many of us feel that there is much more than what meets the eye and somehow intuitively understand that the façade of everyday living is not the essence of our true mission.

As our lives continue to evolve, we will enter periods of self-reflection and self-integration. It is during these times of awareness that we may gain insights into our connection to the greater whole. Do not be overwhelmed by the constant barrage of everyday events and the undercurrents of mundane affairs that seem so overbearing at times. Know that they are not the do all, end all and there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Life runs much deeper. Our vantage point is obscured by the flow of the tide that we seem to be caught up in. Internally or instinctively we are drawn to the true adventure unfolding and we are seemingly living a life of illusion that is created for this moment in time. This illusion is so deep that it appears real and we get caught up in it through our own fascination and obscure behaviours.

We are in fact a spiritual being living a material or physical life. We get caught up in the drama of everyday experience. When we awaken to reality and living beyond survival something begins to happen to the fabric of life. We begin to sense other dimensions that co-exist in our life, but these are on a different frequency, one slightly different from our own. Some of us become sensitive enough to perceive this on our own level of awareness and we know of the “other world’s” inhabitants living side by side with us.

These are our guides, friends and relatives that have completed their earthly task and have now passed over into their next phase of existence. If we listen carefully, but not with our ears, we can sense their subtle vibrations all around us. Some have the ability to communicate although on a very different level. Others can infiltrate our space and provide us with information and guidance to assist us in our journey.

Remember that you are a spirit energy living a physical existence and this life is so very temporary.

Do not waste this gift. Live it! Enjoy it! Experience life to its fullest.

We are here to enjoy life and gain insight as we venture forward. Do not forget your connection to spirit and know that this is who you truly are.

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