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Few of us escape life altering events. There are some who experience several as a matter of fact. How do some manage to get through these tough lessons without lasting side effects?

There is an old saying that goes something like “Don’t ask yourself, ‘why me’. Ask yourself, ‘what am I supposed to be learning’”.

On a metaphysical level we may consider the potential that we choose our lives and therefore the events (lessons) that unfold in our lifetime. For those that believe this, we must take responsibility on some level for what unfolds and this assists in our recovery as we know whatever happens is in place for learning and growth. Taking responsibility does not mean that in our human form, we asked to be abused for example. It does mean that possibly through this experience we can grow and assist others to recover from similar experiences.

Life events will happen without our human consent but our response to these events is our choice and ours alone. We can be a victim, or we can be a victor.

Peace of mind comes from within. It is an attitude. You are your key to not only survive but to flourishing. You hold the key that unlocks the door to happiness and contentment.

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