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Anger is a normal emotion. Should we restrain our anger?

Do we not expressing our anger as we know if we let it out, we experience a less than desirable outcome?

Expressing our emotions is essential. Anger must be released in some form or another. There are many ways to release emotions. Exercise, meditation, going for a walk, “taking in” nature for example are perfect pre-conversation releases before having a viable conversation about what is creating the anger response.

“Holding in” can build resentment or bitterness especially if we are not able to forgive and put the trigger in the past.

Do not allow others to live in your head. I have heard it said, “they do not pay rent to stay there”.

We cannot change the past but we can move forward from it. Forgiving is an important step in reconciliation, but it is not always easy.

Our health can and will suffer whether mentally or physically because of pent up anger. That is a high price to pay.

Move on and learn from the incident.

Do it for YOU!

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