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What is your main focus in life?

What are you future plans in life?

Will you choose to remain in the shadows of your former self, or will you rise to the occasion and fulfill or meet your own personal dreams? Your life is a reflection of what you believe is attainable. It is a reflection of where you place your expectations.

What are your limitations? Do limitations actually stem from outside of self? Are you goals within your reach or have you place limitations on yourself? Have you erected barriers to stop yourself from reaching your goals because of conscious or unconscious reasons?

Remember that your thoughts and attitudes can be your catalyst or they can be your barriers. Your thoughts of barriers and lack of self worth are what stand in the way. Nothing else holds you back. You are not at the mercy of others unless you allow this. You always have command of your attitude and outlook. Your life is meant to be lived from the highest vantage point possible. It is our thoughts that alter our direction, because we own each thought and believe it to be real.

We are not our thoughts. We are not our bodies. Following our beliefs blindly is a choice. We are the one that dwells within. We are the energy that listens to the busy mind. We are the one who is connected to Source energy. At our fingertips, we have always had everything that we need for this moment.

Step forward, look within and find yourself.

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