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All planets, with one exception, while in their retrograde cycle are unable to function freely and the energies are restricted. As a result of these restrictions, the energies do no experience full expression. Saturn, however, operates in a different manner, and while in its retrograde cycle, there is potential for bringing out Saturn’s more positive energies.

Saturn will be in retrograde from May 14 until September 29, 2020, moving from almost 2 degrees Aquarius down to 25 degrees of Capricorn.

If your natal chart has planets between two degrees of Aquarius and 25 degrees of Capricorn, transiting Saturn it will be making a conjunction to these planets amplifying their energies and combining its qualities with the energies of the other planets involved. When Saturn goes direct again, it will activate these areas once again and move across them once more, finalizing its impact.

Conjunctions are the most powerful aspect energies, but squares and oppositions are also important as are trines and sextiles. The trines and sextiles may be favourable at this time, although further study into the full natal chart always needs to take place.

Saturn’s positive energies are enhanced, and Saturn’s energies may act similar to the energies of Jupiter when Jupiter is in its direct motion although, of course, not quite as positive as Jupiter may be. Saturn under direct motion indicates stoppages and shortages, delays, frustration, anxiety, fear generated from life’s direction and testing periods. While in retrograde motion, Saturn has Karmic ties often in direct line with what you have been doing with life during the time when it was direct. If you have been working diligently towards a goal or preparing for something of importance, you may now be able to reap the rewards for your hard work.

Under this influence, there may be a reprieve from the pressures of life and anxiety may lesson and even disappear or appear to be less. Life’s pressures may lift and the frustration of feeling that we are going nowhere, or the feelings of despair and frustration may be less prominent. We may be able to look at life from a different vantage point although our view of life is always in our hands or at least our view of our life’s conditions.

The past three months from January 2020 forward have most certainly been tedious and many things have been filtered through. Lessons have been taught and some of this is under the energies of Saturn.

What have we gotten out of life up to this point and what have been our lessons? We might want to review this to ascertain why certain things happened in our lives and also why these powerful energies have been in place for our world and mankind on a whole of late.

This is a time of rebuilding and now on more structured foundations with the lessons we have learned from our life’s experience. We should move slowly and with deliberation so as not to make the same mistakes as we did prior to this time. If we use some caution and evaluate the conditions with a clear mind and focus, this can be a time of slow and steady progress, although the structures of our life will likely be significantly changing.

All change contains lessons. Prioritize our actions and we should base our movements on carefully thought-out processes. This is what Saturn would ask for.

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