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Seeing Relationships for What They Truly Are

When we enter into a meaningful relationship, it should be understood that it is not by chance that we have come together. It does not matter whether the relationship is an easy one or a challenging one; there is always something to take from any relationship. We are not suggesting that we should remain in a relationship that over time has becomes detrimental but their connection had value to our growth.

There are some individuals that seem to suck the life out of others. There are some individuals that mistreat those that they are in relationship with. Our relationships with these individuals are put in place to experience some type of growth but as we begin to feel the relationship wavering and it no longer serves to promote something positive in our lives, it may be time to walk away. Frequently, we are guilty of becoming too familiar or secure within the framework of any relationship and the idea of leaving the union, even when it is a detriment, is very difficult.

We are meant to live together or share in one another’s energies to facilitate growth. When the time comes that our union is no longer working as it should, as difficult as it may be to leave and move forward, if leaving is warranted then it is imperative that you do just that. We have come into this life to learn through experience, but we are also meant to enjoy our lives. This is our birth right and we are not put into this existence to suffer and undergo misery on an ongoing basis. Life is to be lived with love and compassion and if we choose to share our life in an intimate relationship, this union should assist in our spiritual growth.

When we do find a meaningful relationship, one that offer potential for enlightenment and a shared learning that promotes happiness, we begin to feel a sense of meaning beyond the self and shared love that will move us in directions that harbour moments of sheer joy not misery. Most relationships experience turbulent times and we are certainly not suggesting that when the going gets tough, you pack up and leave. There is a difference between abusive relationships and relationships that require a little work.

Life continually changes and to offer different experiences but our reaction to these events is within our full control. Can we honestly expect that someone will come magically into our lives and change our perception and our attitude? No one can do this but us. Outside influences are reflections of what is taking place within. When you are unhappy with a given situation see what needs to be addressed within before you start laying blame on the outside environment. Taking conscious control and accepting full responsibility for our lives helps us to understand that it is not someone else that creates our joy or misery. Our joy and misery stems from belief structure and expectation.

Recognize the control that we have in our lives and accept our responsibility for the events that take place. We should move forward in a chosen direction that will help to facilitate the lessons and experience that assist us in uncovering our own life’s mission. Our appropriate partners, if we chose to have one, will fall into place as our momentum increases. We will discover those individuals that fit into the current conditions and future potential that resonate with these requirements.

In any relationship and especially with our intimate relationships, we should not ask what our partners can do for us; instead bring forth what it is that our partners need from us. Life is a giving process that evolves in direct proportion to what it is that we do and how we live our lives. In most cases, we are meant to be with those important people and will gain relevant information and growth from that experience. Nothing is by chance and everything serves a purpose.

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