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In life, the choices are many. The journey we take has many roads and paths that we can choose. These roads will take us to places we did not know existed prior to those steps in our journey.

It is not fully a matter of timing and it is not fully a matter of knowing but both of these are part of the process. Each step, each event, each lesson (good or challenging) are just meant to be. Allowing the unfolding as it happens allows life to flow and can eliminate challenges that do not need to be.

We may not be able to control the lessons we are presented with but we are certainly in control of the decisions we make around these lessons. We have a choice on how these lessons will affect us. We are never at the mercy of life although sometimes it certainly feels that way. We choose our reactions to each and every event in our lives.

Acceptance is important...acceptance of what life throws our way. Acceptance is not giving up...far from it.

We can and should set goals. We can and should take action on when events provide us with opportunities to reach these goals, but we cannot fight what we have no control over and expect to win. We cannot change our lessons BUT we can control our attitude towards each of them....this we have full control over.

We make decisions and these decisions can make the lessons difficult or they can allow the lessons to flow. The decision is ours. We can fight the lessons and make the lesson even more challenging or we can surrender to the lesson, accept and move forward with information gain by the lesson.

Whatever choice we make, the lesson will be learned. How it is learned is again our choice.

Our attitude, if adjusted here and there, can make our lives so much more enjoyable. There is no point in resisting life’s direction unless we truly believe that we have made a turn that will create an easier experience without the lesson being learned. Is this possible?

Remember to rest when it is time to rest. It is hard to learn when we are exhausted.

We always have choices which create alternate routes (those side roads and paths we referred to earlier) which might serve us in many different ways. If the side road we have chosen feels right, simply allow life to unfold. If life suggests change, allow change. If life suggests that we continue down the same road, we follow that road. When life dictates and we really have no choice then follow that road. Why be dragged down it kicking and screaming?

It is essential to be open to all of the synchronicities in life. Are we recognizing what life is telling us?

Allow the unfolding of the greatest good, regardless of how it looks in the present moment. Everything unfolds and the lessons that are necessary will always be taught. It is our choice if we take the higher road or the lower road, the paved road or the gravel road, the beaten path or create our own path.

Which road in life will we take?

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