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The solar eclipse which will occur on August 21, 2017 begins at approximately 1:10 pm and finishes at 3:49 pm EST. It will have a lapse time of 2 hours and 39 minutes. This solar eclipse is more fully visible in the United States and in particular from Oregon to South Carolina. It is said that the area experiencing the greatest degree of totality will have the most profound effects. Canada, in general, will see approximately 73 percent of this event.

This eclipse has been names the “Great American Eclipse”. I have read that the United States has not experienced a total solar eclipse since 1918. Needless to say, this energy should be significant.

In Toronto, the Solar Eclipse will peak at approximately 2:32 pm. Please be sure to take the necessary precautions if viewing this phenomenon. As most of us are aware, viewing the Sun directly can cause permanent eye damage.

This event is aligned with the star Regulus, which has been associated with world leaders and in mundane Astrology, this would indicate the leader of the United States, Donald Trump. According to the birth data circulating, this eclipse falls on Donald Trump’s rising sign. If the information on his birth time is accurate, this is quite interesting, to say the least. According to the Astrologer and mystic Donna Woodwell, an eclipse is a reflection of what we already know and she suggests that it will be a crossroad for American history in the making. This is yet to be verified.

Eclipses, throughout history have been associated with times of strife and they are said to bring with them change....needed change. A therapeutic healing takes place through a new understanding often brought on through actual events or an inherent understanding which is processed on a psychic or intuitive level. It should be understood that we are all connected and should consider each and every human beings as our brothers and sisters. Each action taken by one individual affects every other individual on some level. As a result, careful consideration should be taken before we act or react, particularly as a result of outside stimuli. Our attitude and belief structure should always be aimed at the betterment of humanity as a whole not the opposite.

This eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo at 28 degree. Leo’s (Lion or king of the jungle) energies are associates with being forthright, and are heartfelt. The energies of Leo at times can be ego driven. Leo aims for control of any given situations and can lead the way through acts of determination, a strong push for success and a never-ending pursuit to assist others through their control. Leo can be demanding although selfless in its nature. It can also be relentless and driven as it is a fire sign which is enveloped with enthusiasm. Leo wants recognition for all its hard work and enjoys appreciation. Many have somewhat define President Donald Trump accordingly. His primary drive appears to be to achieve power and control at the very least.

This is a quick look at the energies of this Solar eclipse in connection with the country that it will have the most direct energies with. On Friday, we will review the more personal effects of the energies of this eclipse.

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