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On Wednesday, August 16 we reviewed the energies of the Solar Eclipse more focused on the USA as it is the country which will experience the solar eclipse directly. Today we will look at it on a more personal level.

You will have to have a close look at where this eclipse falls in your birth (natal) chart (house position) to see what area of life will be affected. You should also check to see if you have any planets close by angle to 28 degrees of Leo. The energies of these bodies or angles (Ascendant/Midheaven) will be very relevant to how this Eclipse plays out in your life. Remember eclipses are meant to create action and bring with them change, required change that over a period of time manifests and translates into something positive. The number of hours that a Solar eclipses lasts translating into the same number of years that the energies will affect us. (For your information, Lunar eclipses last in months the number of hours that they are in effect.) As a result, anyone that is affected by the degree of this Leo Solar Eclipse will experience the energies for a total of approximately 2.5 years.

The closer a planet or angle falls to the degree of the Solar eclipse (28 Leo), the more powerful the influence in your life. It is not wise to sit back waiting for an anticipated potential unfolding in your life, but be prepared and see how things naturally unfold over time. Often you feel the energies begin to take effect before the eclipse event, and you already will feel what area of life might be highlighted. Sometimes things happen out of the blue, but often we have inclinations as to what to expect. The area of change is often a well-known fact and only needs stimulation to become activated.

Conjunctions (0 degrees) to this degree will be the most powerful and suggest an emphasis. Square (90 degrees) aspects will indicate challenges and oppositions (180 degrees) usually suggest action as a result of other people. Quincunx’s (150 degrees) suggest alterations are required, and you will have to make adjustments. Trines (120 degrees) usually imply easy flow and opportunities, while sextiles (60 degrees) suggest being in the right place at the right time so that you can to take advantage of a situations and make something out of this.

If Saturn is involved in the equation, it usually suggests some challenging conditions and roadblocks or interferences with plans or life objectives. These challenges can be testing grounds for further growth and you are actually building a foundation that will stand the test of time in the long haul. If Uranus is involved it suggests change of conditions, sometimes erratic but always necessary change. Uranus often indicate a breaking free of restrictions that may have held you back previous. Mars implies aggressive action and forced movement, sometimes pointing towards anger or even violence. Venus may suggest opportunities to gain financially or a new love. Jupiter implies growth through higher learning and depending on other factors in the chart could suggest luck in obtaining benefits and opportunities.

It is possible to have a lot happening during the phase and duration of the Solar Eclipse. It will certainly be interesting to see how it affects the United States and their leader.

Much has been leading up to this time. Don’t expect a magnitude of events to unfold and don’t waste any time focusing on possible disasters. Always remain calm and have a positive outlook. Center your thoughts on the positive outcomes that will follow.

Do not ignore any challenging condition; work towards resolving them. Avoid placing attention on what you feel is missing in life; rather focus on what you works in your life and always be appreciative of what life has provided you with. Even the harsh events bring valuable lessons that foster growth and understanding over time.

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