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We are having a solar eclipse today, February 26, 2017. The eclipse occurs at 8 degrees of Pisces. Those who have the Sun or Moon or any other planets or angles within 3 degrees of this degree will be strongly affected by this eclipse. Check to see which house or angle is being affected in your own personal chart as this will be the area of life being affected. Also look to the opposite house as this will also be areas of influence often stemming from others people’s influence.

The time frame of influence is said to last as long in years as the actual eclipse lasts in hours, with influences particularly strong in the first six months. The effects can last for several years varying in strength depending on other planets touching these sensitive degrees.

Pisces is a very sensitive sign and will be strongly affected by this eclipse. Pisces is like a psychic sponge and pulls in energies from outside sources. Pisces individuals have difficulties with borders and often take on energies of those around them and can be unable to separate themselves from these influences. Pisces is a mystical sign and spiritual insight is often part of their evolutionary process. Pisces seeks to align itself with oneness and gains understanding of these spiritual insights that are often revealing themselves.

Those with strong Pisces influences are kind-hearted individuals, who truly want to help those less fortunate than themselves. Many are ego-less or in the very least are seeking ways to dissolve ego and to find it very difficult to deal with the harsh realities of life. They are seekers of truth through mystical unfoldment and psychic awareness.

During this period, those within the influence will also experience a conjunction to transiting Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) from the transiting Moon and Sun. They may experience breakthroughs in finding other worldly awareness and can establish their own boundaries between what is unseen and what is seen in this physical reality. They may experience euphoric feelings of unity with their fellow brothers and sisters of humanity and also make connection with the spirit realm like never experienced before.

It will be very important during these times to also keep a firm grasp on physical reality and although life may appear to be mundane when working, sleeping and eating, it is imperative that you keep at least one foot on the ground. After all, we live in a material world and it is necessary to pay attention to what takes place on this level of understanding as well. Watch for allowing your imagination to take control. Go by your intuition but make physical facts a part of this process. If it sounds as thought it much be outlandish, it just might be. There is a thin vail between spiritual insight and imaginative speculation, until you get a firm grip on both realities.

Many with tight contacts to Neptune in their charts have difficulty with challenging life conditions and even resort to hiding their head in the sand or pulling the proverbial rug over their heads. Although reality can be harsh at times, we are not meant to run from the truth. The truth often has magnificence within it and we can learn a lot from adverse life conditions. Some with this influence may want to avoid the truth so much so they will resort to substance abuse with the simple aim to avoiding these harsh truths. This is certainly not advisable. Always adhere to what is real and even when life seems foggy it will always clear and you can reveal what needs uncovering when the timing is appropriate.

Some can develop hard to diagnose illnesses at these times. This is largely due to the fact that they are not open to dealing with adversity, so over time they build protective shields. The more we work at something, the more we build in strength and endurance. Stamina comes from facing life as it is without running away.

This can be a miraculous time in your life if you are inclined to let down your guard and open the door to inspiration. Let intuition be your guide. Enjoy life and all its adventures, whether they be open avenues of love and inspirations or solid structures that need to be broken down so we can see what lies beyond these barriers. It is yours to discover. Open the door.

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