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The South Node is always in direct opposition with the North Node in a natal chart or through transit. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration both placements in their signs as well as house positions and aspects. The NN has been defined clearly in our past posts and they have included the South Nodes position as well, but we thought we would just discuss the energies of the South Node in this post.

The SN is conducive of the energies linked to Saturn so challenges and obstacles are often a part of this nodal expression. Difficulties are associated with the SN when we drift back into the comfortable realms of this nodal placement. We are not meant to follow this position and although it may feel like a comfortable place to reside, we are not to move in its direction (defined by the house and sign position).

The SN has been linked with a prior life that some Astrologers suggest can assist us in our current life. We can use some of these energies to assist us in following the NN requirements in the natal chart. We have brought the SN energies with us but they can suggest challenge when activated through transit or progression. A challenging square to the SN will indicate struggles and obstacles and a tendency to resist change and evolve. If Uranus is involved there may be a tendency to resist spiritual evolution and enlightenment; if Neptune is involved a resistance to let go of the past; and a suggestion of ego involvement if Pluto is involved or a need for growth and expansion often through positive reinforcement if Jupiter is involved and so forth.

Oppositions often imply that others are involved and their input will impact us. In some cases we may not want to be open to what they have to say or feel as though they are intruding. Because of the NN conjunction we actually need to listen to these people in order to move ahead.

Trines and sextile help to facilitate opportunities and easy flow although the connection to the SN often suggest that even though an opportunity is present holding on to old ways and not moving forward can be a challenge.

Although the SN is considered to be a challenging position regardless of the difficulties presented by the SN in the natal chart we can use their energies to enable growth and opportunities in our current ventures. They can hold important information that has been taught or learned through experience that can help us move ahead with our NN potential.

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