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Spiritual Writings

If we allow the channels to open from within, it is quite common that information starts flowing at request. It may take a little time to become accustom to the flow of information that passes through, but it is not in any way uncomfortable. We are fully aware of the process and it can feel quite comfortable. The problem being that our logical mind may interfere with the flow of information.

The mind tends to interfere with the information as the mind is accustomed to having a part in all dialogue. Some individuals will write freely without interruption from the conscious mind and others will consciously be part of the process. Often being part of the process is the initial stage and as time passes, we become accustomed to this form of energetic dictation. Eventually there comes a time when we can let go completely of our part in the process and simply allow the information to pass through us and onto the paper or whatever format we use to record.

We will notice that initially it can be a little difficult because of our involvement but later on, we more easily excuse ourselves from the mental process. The difference in the information is always quite apparent as we read back what we have received. We can consciously stop the flow at any time, if we so choose.

Personally, I feel it is very important to review what has been written as much of the information will be intended for the individual receiving the channelled information. Parts of the information may be linked to something that we personally need to learn or understand in our current state. We will notice that through practice of the process that the flow of writing often speeds up with little interference or little time between words.

It is easy to start the process once we have a little experience – we simply open ourselves to the dialogue. This process, if we think about it, is a process we use mentally with our higher selves and/or our guides on a daily basis. The only change is a permanent record of the information exchange. It is a common practice and to change from inner dialogue to written material is not difficult. All we really need to do is be open and listen. We simply wait for the words to come to us and then write them down as they come into our mind. Under most conditions, we can just allow it to flow and we will not have to worry about how it is transmitted or whether or not there are mistakes along the way. We may stop from time to time to make minor adjustments, but in general the process works quite well. Of course it varies from one person to next, but most everyone has this ability, as there is always open dialogue between our material world and the spiritual world.

The constant dialogue is so common that many of us are not aware of the communication taking place on a grand scale each and every day. The mind does interfere with the process but we can soon learn to detect when this is happening and how to shut off the interference. Meditation is a very reliable process in eliminating the constant chatter of the mind; we just have to be persistent.

Next time you are in the mood for writing, sit down and let the thoughts manifest in front of you. You may be amazed at what happens. Be sure to read the information afterwards and find out what is in the writing for you. Enjoy the process. It is quite an awakening experience and opens the channels to further dictation as you become familiar with the process.


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