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Spiritually Attuned

Ours is a journey of enlightenment and an escalating venture encompassed by many. Our mission is to absorb all that we can learn, to merge the lessons of this earthy experience to assist our higher selves and return to our pure essence.

Our hurdles along our path are lessoned through meditation and other techniques that enhance our ongoing process. Through meditation we slowly open channels to the perpetually evolving story. This practice is essential although in the early stages it can be tedious. Persistence is the key. Like any other exercise, it is hard work in the beginning, but with practice, the mind will quieten down to allow our inner self, our guides and our pure essence to share. The deeper we go, the further we reach and the closer we come to our true awakening.

With practice, we clear out our obstacles and inner fears that hold us back. Challenging conditions will be faced and the journey is by no means an easy one. Life unfolds as it should and we are presented with lessons to assist in our learning. True peace and acceptance resonates from within and in turn is reflected in the world around us, not the other way around.

The process is gradual but steady as long as we stay on course and quieten the ego’s voice.

Allowing is the most difficult challenge and only comes when we release control and accept that all of our life’s events are placed in our journey simply for our growth in our ongoing evolution. This is not to say that we simply sit back and let life dictate. Push forward with enthusiasm and appreciation but do not emotionally fight those things that are. We have full control of our attitude towards our lessons.

We nurture our own personal growth by listening to the guiding voice within. It assists us in times of need. This gentle and persuasive assistance is generated from within although also linked with the higher realms of existence. Our spiritual guides assist in the on-going process. Life always offers alternative routes to follow, each leading us through our ongoing evolution. Our journey will be much easier if we listen to our inner self and our guides. We are, however, the masters of our own personal journey. We have the choice of taking the meandering course or the direct route, the easy path or the path filled with obstacles. The best route is the route we learn the most from. We always have control over our attitude towards our journey; we can allow it to knock us down and decide to stay down or it can knock us down and we can jump up with even more determination to win each battle as they are faced. Which do you prefer?

If you are in search for truth, expansion, enlightenment.....follow your heart. Listen to the quiet voice of wisdom and seek love. You cannot go wrong.

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