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We will be celebrating the summer solstice on June 21, 2017 in the Northern hemisphere. This powerful solar energy serves to recharge our spirits, minds and bodies.

All things are energy and this energy is interconnected. Some of us are quite aware of these influential external energies and others, are not. With or without this awareness, all living things are affected by the position of the planets at their birth, by the continual movement of the planets, by the influence of the rotation of our earth including the changing seasons and any other shifts that occur in nature.

When guided by spirit/our higher selves (call it what you may), our focus is to walk and live our truth, during the easy times but especially during the times that we are being tested or taught. Take advantage of the strong solar energies of the Summer Solstice to push forward with this focus. Use the more aggressive energies of the Sun to catapult forward and allow yourself to bloom into your own true creation. As with the Sun current at its fullest potential for our earthly position, you too can allow all of your inner power and beauty to radiate out. This expresses your true self but also benefits each and every other living thing that your energy touches.

What a glorious time of year. Allow yourself to mirror the seasons. We have just experienced a season of wonderful renewal. We have worked hard to create buds of promise. Now is the time to allow those buds to open and to eventually bear the fruit of our efforts but also to allow all other living things to see and experience this beauty and to eventually share our fruits.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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