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On June 20, 2020 the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer around 5:44 p.m. EDT.

Cancer is a Cardinal, Water sign. Individuals born under the sun sign of Cancer are generally energetic especially when it comes to matters related to the home and family. They are enthusiastic about nurturing others and taking care of family matters. In many cases, they are home bodies and they need a comfortable environment that they can come home to after a day’s adventures, whether that be a day of work, or play. They need a place to recharge their emotional batteries.

They are extremely sensitive, emotional and “feel” long before they think. This can make them quite intuitive as they feel the vibrations of others easily and genuinely care about them. They want to nurture but also need to nurture themselves. In most cases they are gentle and kind people who will make you feel like family even if you are a stranger. They do, however, need to feel comfortable with you before they will treat you as family and they trust their feelings.

Second only to Pisces, this is one of the most feeling signs of the Zodiac, and they try to hide this great sensitivity behind a shell of protection. Many Cancer individuals feel that their emotions are their weakness, although this is likely the best quality they have. They feel deeply and are concerned for others. If you have been wounded and this can be physically or emotionally, they will tend to your wounds and nurture you until you have recovered on some level.

Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all in the sign of Capricorn currently and this is the opposite sign of those with their Sun in Cancer. If you have your Sun in the mid to late degrees of Cancer, you may have one or more of these planets in opposition to your Sun. Check your ephemeris. Oppositions tend to be tedious and often speak of other people causing some disruption in your life. The events around an opposition will stem from others and whatever is transpiring will be disturbing enough to the Cancer individual that they will feel that they need to speak up.

Cancer individuals do not like confrontation and may withdraw rather than speak their truth in most cases. Something has to greatly affect them for them to speak up. The oppositions we spoke of earlier may be enough of a hinderance to make these individuals reach out verbally. These Cancer individuals must remind themselves that they have the right to voice their opinion. If someone is causing them grief, it is their right to speak your mind. They just have to ensure that the issue is worth pursuing and they can stand by their word.

For those born under the sign of Cancer, check to see which house your Sun is in and in most cases transiting Pluto, Saturn or Jupiter will be in the opposing house. The areas of life that these houses represent will be areas of life influenced by what we are speaking about. Other connection will also give further information in the natal chart and will add to the story.

If you are born under the sign of Cancer, have a close look at what issues are being brought to light by your chart and how it would be best to deal with them. Check closely for conjunctions to any of these planets as this will also add intensity to the influence at this time.

Remember all things can are manageable and solvable. Sometime, stepping back and having patience is all that is required. Other times, action is required. Squares to this placement will stir you into action, but not all oppositions will. What is your chart saying?

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