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The Sun moved from Taurus (Fixed, Earth sign) into Gemini (Mutable, Air, sign) on May 21, 2023. Gemini as mentioned is a Mutable, Air sign suggesting that this is a thinking, conversationalist energy. Geminians enjoys learning and are quite adapt with these qualities. Gemini is adaptable, changeable and enjoys anything that involves education. Whether this be reading, schooling, or teaching, Geminians are open to interaction in these areas.

Gemini can adjust and bend with life’s circumstances and enjoys getting others to converse as they have something to say on just about anything. Their knowledge is expandable, and they like to know a little about most anything. This makes them versatile but also quite changeable.

Most Gemini will tire of situations or in some cases people and will move from person to person and situation to situation without reservation. Of course, the whole chart needs to be examined. E.g. someone with their Sun in Gemini and Taurus as their rising sign and perhaps several planets in earth signs, especially Capricorn and Taurus, will be different from someone with strong Gemini characteristics within the natal chart.

Because of their ability and need for stimulation and change, Geminis will know a little about many things but are not experts. They should settle in and home in on one or two subjects to become proficient in these areas.

Gemini individuals need constant stimulation, variety and excitement in life. By associating with people who will assist Gemini with sticking to something specific could be beneficiary. However, no one can force a Gemini to do something they are not interested in doing.

Gemini individuals are friendly, clever and witty people. They truly like most individuals and most people like them.

Happy solar return to our Gemini readers.

Watch for our post on May 24 covering some transits for Sun in Gemini individuals.

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