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SUN IN GEMINI - MAY 21, 2019

The Sun moves from a fixed earth sign, Taurus, into the mutable air sign, Gemini late on May 21, 2019.

There is quite a difference between these two signs. Taurus is about reliability and structure as well as a gradual push toward material achievement. Gemini, on the other hand, is spontaneous and adaptable. They are usually changeable and are open to learning often through life experiences.

While Taurus can be fixated in its opinions and what might be referred to as surefooted and stubborn, Gemini can be open to suggestion and versatile when it comes to having an opinion on almost any matter whether it is considered important or not.

As you can imagine, anyone who is cusping from Taurus to Gemini would likely live their life as if they were two separate beings.

Gemini wants to learn to build knowledge and to be well spoken. Conversation is extremely important to anyone with a strong Gemini influence in their chart. They have a lot to share and are most likely better at talking than they are at listening.

Gemini is willing to take chances and lives in the moment. They need excitement perhaps not as much as your typical Leo, but life has to have an imaginative quality and be an adventure. Gemini’s personality is changeable, moody, excitable, mentally stimulating and wide open to what life has to offer. Gemini individuals would benefit from learning to finish what they set out to do and to not allow themselves to become bored if they are not being stimulated on some level.

Gemini is inquisitive and able to mould themselves to shift to any given situations. They are even open to confrontation, unless it gets physical. They certainly enjoy a good debate and they don’t have to be right. In most cases, ego will not get in the way of learning.

Gemini individuals are ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of the mind and many are considered intellectuals. Mercury however will need to be well placed in the natal chart and not have too many challenging aspects to it. Even with challenging aspects to Mercury though, Gemini will find a way to work things out.

At present, Jupiter is in Sagittarius which is in opposition to many of those with their Sun in the sign of Gemini. You will have to check the ephemeris to see if your Sun will be in opposition to Jupiter this year. Jupiter remains in the sign of Sagittarius for most of the year moving into Capricorn towards the end of 2019. Jupiter, although it is in what is considered a challenging aspect to the Sun, actually works well in this position. Jupiter tends to expand on things, bring good luck and sometimes easy flow. There are exceptions, however, but growth on some level is often associated with Jupiter.

The Sun has to do with our goals in life and also our most inner self. Jupiter in this position may expand or bring forth feelings of opportunity for advancement. It may also expand on your inner awareness.

With an opposition aspect, you may get hints from others or this information/opportunity may be stimulated from outside sources. Oppositions often refer to other people being part of the equation. You may have to make some adjustments along the way, but the door can be opening for you. This will bring opportunities for growth in your life.

Enjoy the energies at hand and use them to propel forward.

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