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The Sun transits from the sign of Cancer (a Cardinal, Water sign) into the sign of Leo (a Fixed, Fire sign) on July 22, 2023. There is a change from the caregiver, warmhearted, gentle individual Cancer to the big hearted, loyal, dignified, and strong character energy of Leo. Leonians are motivated by the need to help and the feeling that they often know what the best approach to take is when action is needed.

Leonians are strong leaders who dream big, often exaggerating the positive potential. This all comes from the heart (ruled by Leo). A Leonian knows what it takes to advance in life and is willing to work towards their objectives. They are attracted to the finer things in life like achievements, nice homes, luxury items and larger bank accounts. These they feel can get them what they want, which in many cases is recognition from their peers for their achievements.

Leonians do not always like to admit that they have failed but once they get past their egos, they will take full responsibility and do what is necessary to move in the required direction. They can be conceited in certain circumstances and truly feel as though they have an important role to play in the lives of those around them. In many cases, this is true.

Leonians that are evolved have an inner code which they are loyal too and must live up to. They have strong morals and are quite aware, especially after the fact, of the effect they have on others; therefore, their objectives are sincere and noble. Never accuse them of egoic intensions and always show them appreciation for their efforts. This will ensure you have their attention in a positive way. They need a pat on the back and appreciate affection. Leonians are quite willing to give back where needed. They are kindhearted with good intensions.

In our next astrology post on July 24, we will discuss some of the 2023 aspects related to those with their Sun in Leo.

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