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SUN IN LEO JULY 22, 2022

The Sun moves from the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer into the Fixed Fire sign of Leo on July 22, 2022. Leo is an energetic, playful, dramatic, and bold sign. Leo’s intensions are always noble, and all stems from the heart. Leo has a strong ego and relies on self as they are often noted as being a leader not a follower. They can be bursting with confidence and are quite charming and full of fun.

Leo in love give all of themselves, but also wish to have a partner that they can look up to.

Leo needs stimulation and often enjoys taking trips, the outdoors and wants to take part in recreational activities. They are very spontaneous and may act with little forethought, being very much in the moment. Leo is often found to be the center of attention and likes applause and recognition for what they do. They need and love a pat on the back for their effort and this recognition goes a long way.

Leos’ attitude is optimistic, and their disposition is quite cheerful. Their intentions are noble.

Happy Solar Return to our loving Leo friends!

Our next astrology post will contain upcoming transits for our Leo readers.

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