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SUN IN LEO, JULY 23, 2017

The Sun will move into the sign of Leo on July 23, 2017.

Leo is a fixed, fire sign. Any Sun sign is influenced by the energies of the astrological house it resides in, as well as any natal planetary configuration linked to it. For an even clearer picture of your Leo Sun sign’s influences, review which house cusp is ruled by Leo in your chart.

The fixed mode will be influenced and modified by its strength or weakness, determined by how many planets are in the fixed modality. Fixed individuals, such as those with strong Leo emphasis in their natal chart can be very determined individuals with a strong will to succeed. They can be rather inflexible and somewhat stubborn in their ideologies and will primarily concentrate their energies in reaching their goals and objectives in life. They are often persistent in their efforts to achieve what they set out to do and not much will stand in their way.

As mentioned, Leo is a fire sign and an emphasis in this element brings with it an enthusiastic approach to life. Fire influenced individuals can be somewhat impulsive in their approach and in most cases are self-motivated and confident. They can be somewhat overpowering at times and dominate events but this is as a result of their need for control. This quality actually comes from the goodness of their hearts. Leo individuals are usually well-meaning.

Leo individuals are kind hearted, well-meaning and passionate about life. They are generous with their time and wish to help others. When their objectives lean towards other people’s interests, Leo individual’s efforts are sincere. They do, however, require recognition for their good deeds. A “thank you” goes a very long way when offered up to Leos. As a side note, it is important to keep the Leo ego in check.

Leo personalities love to share their lives and are willing to listen and give their own personal advice with those that they come in contact with. Their demeanour is often comforting to those in need and their persuasive approach can be very helpful to those that are looking for their assistance.

If you cross a Leo, especially if their intentions are to assist and their genuine caring is abused, they will never forget. They are hurt on a deep level and feel emotional pain in a profound way. As mentioned, however, if you show appreciation and even admiration, these individuals will thrive and give even more. They will always stand by your side and help you when needed.

Most strong Leo personalities are warm, kind, compassionate and considerate individuals.

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