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The Sun moved into the sensitive, compassionate, idealistic and spiritual sign of Pisces on February 20 this year in central Ontario.

Along with the qualities first suggested above, Pisces individuals can also have addictive personalities and may have a challenging time dealing with adverse life situations. Anything crude or invasive, most Pisceans will try to avoid.

Most Pisces individuals are emotional and quite sensitive and often pick up and feel the energies that surround them. Many are very caring and intuitive often capable of psychic interaction, if they choose to follow that path.

Of course, we always have to take into consideration the whole birth chart. If, for example, a Pisces individual had strong earth qualities in their chart, like Saturn in Capricorn or a rising sign of Taurus, they may not be able to express their sensitivity and may even appear withdrawn and concerned with material achievement. However, with a different scenario of having a Grand Water Trine or an emphasis in Cancer, perhaps Cancer rising or several planets in the fourth house or twelfth house, a Pisces individual would take on many of the more sensitive characteristics of a water sign.

Back to Pisces………Most Pisces are deep and introspective and also introverted although once again if for example they had Aries or Leo rising (the way they show themselves to the world) they may not come across as quiet and introverted as mentioned.

Many Pisces are what could be referred to as visionary and many are psychic sponges. They often feel-out the energy of their surroundings and have the capability of delving deep into someone’s psyche. This is especially true if there are many plants in Scorpio or planets found in the eighth house or if there is a strong connection to Pluto in the natal chart.

Throughout this year and also into next year, all individuals with their Sun particularly in the mid degrees of Pisces will have a conjunction to transiting Neptune. Neptune will move between 14 to 18 degrees of Pisces this year (2019) and using an orb of 8 degrees of influence, those with their Sun between 6-26 degrees Pisces will be influenced by this conjunction. The closer the Piscean sun is to the actual degree of transiting Neptune, the stronger this conjunction will be. Check to see which house this conjunction falls in as this will be the area of life that is being affected. Also check which house your natal Neptune is in. This will provide you with further information as to what might be unfolding.

Conjunctions tend to merge the energies of whatever planets are involved. What the Sun speaks of in a natal chart is our inner core, that person we are deep within. It reflects our individual nature and also our life’s path. It also speaks of our goals and aspirations and can also deal with our health. Health conditions need further details to delineate accurate conclusions.

Neptune has to do with cloudiness and confusion as well as spiritual insight and intuitive inspiration. Depending on the other aspects involved in this conjunction, an individual that Neptune is influencing their sun may find that their goals in life seem rather distant and unfocused or on the contrary linked to insight and imaginative understanding. For those attuned to this mystical vibration, visions and prophetic dreams may be highlighted at this time.

Once again much depends on what other forces are at work in the birth chart or with other transits. If for example Saturn were making a square either by transit or by natal aspect, this individual you would have to be sure that what they are experiencing is not hindered or that they are questioning things too deeply or from a negative point of view. Jupiter would expand on what they are experiencing and Pluto would add depth and insight after inner reflection and a seeking out of the truth. Uranus could open the door even wider and Mercury could make them question things.

In many ways this could be a magical time in a Piscean’s life especially if they have Jupiter or their Nodes are somehow attached to this conjunction.

They should take in the energies, see them as they truly are and be open to oncoming energies and perhaps even realizations that might unfold over this upcoming year.

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